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Indigenous deal with cubbie station cottonseed

Indigenous deal with cubbie station cottonseed

In September 2010, the National Centre for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Land and Communities published a report arguing that:

While the Commission has given the Government the power to establish industrial parks for cotton seeds, it does not have the power to introduce industrial cotton seed farms in Indigenous land and in other communities, as currently implemented. The Commission will therefore propose a joint federal and state agreement that will allow Indigenous communities to maintain their own cottonseed farms on their own, with the option to convert for export at specified times. As a result, all areas in the commission’s jurisdiction would receive their own commercial cottonseed farms and all future cottonseed farms would be designed to work cooperatively.

In October 2010 the National Centre for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Land and Communities (NCATL) released an update of its 2010 report on industrial cotton seed farms, outlining the steps the Commission would pursue in any industrial cottonseed farm agreements. It said it would begin by contacting Indigenous communities and the Department of Industry and Trade, and then make proposals to the Commonwealth.

On 10 October 2010, the first draft of the document was published to local media and community groups.

Industrial cottonseed farms for Indigenous communities. Image: NCLATL

The document identified 12 areas where the Commission had provided community consultation 바카라사이트on industri더킹카지노al cottonseed farms, and it stated “The draft document will be presented to the Government before the end of February 2011 and discussed further with the Minister for Industry in August 2011”.

The agreement announced in December 2010 would see the Commonwealth purchase a 35-year lease on an Indigenous land and fish processing plant at Fongari in the Kimberley which was to include two industrial cottonseed farms.

On 16 November 2010, NCLATL released the draft document to media and community groups. NCLATL argued that the agreement would be beneficial to “indigenous communities across the country”. “It would bring commercial farmers out of the dark ages and give Indigenous farmers a reliable income, and it will enable them to get their annual cash dividends back, which they will need in the event they go out of business,” the group said.

The Commission has said that it is committed to implementing the agreement, but is still revi더킹카지노ewing it. In April 2011, the Minister for Industry, Peter Dunne, announced the introduction of a bill in the Victorian Parliament that would give the Minister for Industry, the federal and state governments, the Commission and indigenous groups a “one-off” grant of